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  • This baker's dozen of long stem camo roses is just what you need for your camo wedding, country wedding, or to give as a gift to a camo lover.  Comes in white vase.

Sample Camo Rose Bouquet


Product Description

This camo bouquet is made with 13 satin camo roses, one of each color.  Each rose is about 4 - 4 1/2 inches across.  Each petal of each rose is hand cut, singed to prevent fraying, and sewn together to make the roses.   Mounted on a 13" long stem.

Bouquet includes a red, orange, blue, purple, pink, pink snowfall, white, white snowfall, MC2, Conceal, Sassy B grey, Sassy B pink, and HTC.  Comes in a white vase.

Save $21.92 by ordering all 13, instead of $8.95 single rose price.




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