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Shipping & Returns

We are a home based business with home based seamstresses making the items.  Our goal is to have orders out as soon as possible.  We are tryng to build an inventory to have things ready to ship immediately.   If you are ordering petals or fabric by the yard, they ship within a week.  All other items may ship within a week.  Please allow up to 2 - 3 weeks for vests to be made and another week for shipping.


We ask for the date that the wedding will be on the items that are sold for weddings.

Since most of the items sold are for weddings, we do not accept returns if a wedding is called off.  If a vest is the wrong size, we will exchange it for the correct size.


Items are shipped via USPS, if you want a different method, please let us know and we can work it out.  Items are shipped internationally.